sea, breeeze & good company!

October 30, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Bloggers Meeting, Darn Good Food)

 pic from leonard

It is always a good break to meet up with bloggers if my experience over the last three meets were any indication. especially when you have good company like leonard, car2, mother superior  & cocka. we missed the presence of spinnee & hiao auntie who could not make it due to work/study commitment. how we wish you could join us!

dinner was seafood at the east coast seafood centre. can you spot us at the pic above? our table is at the centre. i appreciate the effort & sacrifice put in by those who turned up.

cocka – came all the way from JB. as we finished around midnight, we hope you could catch enough sleep and made it for the early meeting the next day.

car2 – after burning midnight oil for her last paper on the same day, she badly needed her beauty sleep. despite her bit self, this lady still oozed charm & glam in her every move that evening.

leonard – sacrificed a friday nite out with gf. i understand his situation as friday is my family night out too.

mother superior – needed to go home and fetch her daughters to a function before coming over. we were pleasantly surprised that she made it before we finished all the chilli crab despite the crazy peak hour friday traffic.

food glorious food… chilli crab, steamed prawn, vege & bbq fish… we ordered one more fried tauhu but didnt take any photo no space to squeeze it in here. we were given a dose of chinese language by the friendly waiter from mainland china. Mother Superior ordered coke and the waiter asked her,

“red or white?”

we were stunned for a while before we realised the waiter actually meant “classic or diet?”. For the record, MS was not on diet.


the 2nd round was conducted at the east coast coffee bean club. camwhoring & chatting were heavy here… 🙂

Leonard was foaming at the mouth during this session… can someone guess why? the answer is in the last pic of this post

Leonard, you should cool down with the ice tea. Told you not to get overly excited by the foxy & seductive Car2 (background).

do u know that you can tell the character of a person from his/her camwhore style? Read on….

eg1. the artistic type who cant resist beautiful things – Mother Superior shooting the deco on the wall

eg2. the EQ & quiet type – Leonard as he was waiting for car2 & mother superior to finish their session before his camwhore turn

eg3. big, strong and cautious type- Cocka with his firm hand grip & extra safe camera “belt” on his wrist

eg4. perfectionist type- Car2 (background) patience & persistence on that one shot over the coffee glass…


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Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks

August 21, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Darn Good Food, Singapore)


Tiong Bahru Pau & Snacks… the only dimsum joint at coffee shop location selling at restaurant prices. It is located at the busy junction of Tiong Bahru Road (5 minutes from Keong Saik Road by car) and the narrow side road. The shop has no sitting arrangement, is not near any residential areas and only accessible by vehicular means unless you happen to live upstair of the shop. To get to this shop by car, you have to double park in front of the shop.

The dimsum are hand made at the back of the shop. Due to the roaring business at the shop, the dimsum are usually very fresh and steaming hot. Its pau by far is its most famous offering. It tastes so heavenly, buying Tiong Bahru Pau is the only occasion wifey allow me to commit a traffic offence without kicking up a fuss.


Tiong Bahru Pau allure knows no boundary. Even the rich and famous like this Porsche owner can’t resist the charm of Tiong Bahru Pau. Given its secluded location, impossible access and premium pricing, TBP success is a worthy case study for success in the F&B industry.

If you are in Singapore, why not give Tiong Bahru Pau a try. Any taxi driver will be able to bring you there and if you are adventurous enough you can talk a stroll, about 15 minutes, from the Outram MRT Station.

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