Brown Capuchin

July 27, 2010 at 11:15 p07 (Default, Pics/Photography, Singapore)

brown capuchin, originally uploaded by See Fei.

this is the first time i visit the zoo after ah meng the orang utan passed away. there seems to be a lot of changes going on at the zoo with new construction and exhibit being put up.

only brought my f*300 prime lens and shoot a lot of monkeys during this trip. somehow, these primates were too fast for my camera. this brown capuchin is one of the few sharp ones that i got.

i will be back.


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April 11, 2010 at 11:15 p04 (Default)

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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iPhone the camera

December 4, 2008 at 11:15 p12 (Default)




What i do with my iphone when i am not making call….


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Mid Autumn Festival at Albert Complex

September 8, 2008 at 11:15 p09 (Default)

 Beauty from the moon, Seong Ngoh is here again and there was atmosphere of celebration at Albert Complex near Middle Road….

 Cantonese opera singing by enthusiasts from Kampong Glam Community Club. Dont see this type of performance much nowadays…

 What is mid autumn festival without the must-eat pomelo? At $3, look like there is a bumper harvest this year! Beside the famous tambun pomelo, there were some from Thailand too…

 Moon cake stalls from hotels and bakeries are cropping up like mushrooms after rain. Before my mum passed away last year, i used to get her favourite from Fosan Restaurant in Ipoh. Our favourite is cameradie nut mooncake.

 Business is slow in the early hour of the day…

 Tanglong or lantern, used to see a lot of this traditional type when i was young. Nowadays, they come in variety of design and colour.

 Everyone favourite, hello kitties.

….and in keeping with pace of time, we have plastic and electricity type as well. not  my favourite though. i still prefer those lantern hand-made with translucent type paper glued onto wire frame in the shape of rabbit or gold fish.

Are you still young at heart and carry a lantern nowadays? If you do, what is your favourite lantern? Do you still celebrate the mid-autumn festival?

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What is my odd?

April 24, 2008 at 11:15 p04 (Default)

What is my odd of hitting the first prize?

Not much, judging from money printing nature of Singapore Pools. Don’t ask me for the fact as this is just “kopi-tiam” talk. The fact that the government is not privatising this company speaks volume about its profitability.

It is difficult not to be a gambling man in lil dot as Singapore Pools offering wager on everything you can take a punt on. Football? F1 Grand Prix racing? Horse? Toto? 4D? You bet are on, even on the first day of Chinese New Year! Furthermore, there is always an outlet in your neighbourhood.

To a lot of punters, it is their way of buying hopes. Others, it is just money down the drain. Quoting and para-phrasing from a prominent minister in lil dot…

“You can lose many many times, but all you need is to get lucky ONCE!”


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Malaysia GE2008: Pipit’s Wish List

March 15, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Malaysians have voted and a new government is in place. In view of the new makeup of government with a strong opposition, pipit has a little wish list. Here goes…


·         Open tender system for all governmental contracts and concessions

·         “Better” remuneration package for all civil servants to eradicate corruption

·         “Better” education system starting with a review of the system and highlight problems like why certain race is dropping out of school early and how to help reduce the rate of drop-outs

·         “Better” public transport policy with a better inter-connectivity between the different modal of transport like car-train-bus etc

·         A future plan that is not based on neither the lucrative oil economy nor communal politic

·         Alternative to NEP should be spelt out clearly to prevent any misunderstanding


On a more personal note, can we have some alternative to the existing single-race menu/stall at the North-South Highway R&R stops? I think all Malaysians, visitors and tourists deserve more than just mee rebus or mee soto, right?

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Good Deals in Town

December 2, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (Default, General Chatter, Singapore)

With inflation creeping up and prices of stuff going up, especially petrol which had surpassed the S$2 mark for 95 octane grade, some belt tightening measures are inevitable. Never one who take too much notice of advertisement screaming freebies, i have a change of heart recently. I never like freebies because i felt the givers are not really sincere as ALL freebies are inevitable inferior and cheap stuff with big company logo on it.

Recently i noticed there are some deals that are really good and attractive. I have made a short list of the deals worth going for. My grandfather doesn’t own these shops and this is not a paid post if you have not noticed by now, so read on and check out these deal for yourself!

POSB Bank is offering a S$150 Kenneth Watch for opening “save-as-you-earn” account. Catch: minimum monthly deposit of $300 over 6 months. Still on.

OCBC, S$180 timex watch for tranfering $8000 to its OD lines. Still on.

Singtel is offering Niitendo Wii game set with three games to new subscriber to its broadband. Catch: S$65/month subscription with a minimum contract period of 2 years. Deal ends on 2 Dec 07 Sunday.

Buy a home theater system at House Audio at Liang Court and get 60% discount. Catch: to qualify you must pick a number 0-9. if you number come out as the first digit of the Wednesday 4D draw top price, you will get the discount in voucher form. You chance of winning is 10%. Not too bad an odd. Deals end 31 Dec 07.

 If you are already saving $300 or more a month, have an outstanding OD worth more than S$8000, intended to get a game set and/or buying a new home theather, why not check out these deals. Of course, you have to be in little dot to qualify.

Deal or No Deal?

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Goh Keng Swee: A Potrait

July 23, 2007 at 11:15 p07 (Default)

Read GKS biography by her daughter-in-law over the weekend. Good read – now i know why/how Singapore started their …

  • Armed Forces
  • Economic Development Board
  • Jurong Town Corporation
  • Government Investment Council

and PAP struggle to overcome the communist, merger/separation with Malaysia etc. In the book, it was mentioned that people were so poor that they were actually starving to death in the Singapore of the 50s. Looking at Singapore now, you can’t imagine that this place was so poor 50 years ago! An interesting fact in the book – the British was betting on PAP during the merger with Malaysia to take on MCA and finally displacing them in Malaya (old Malaysia). Can’t imagine uncle Lee running Malaysia – no chewing gum, no F1, no casino, no racial quota etc. Hahaha, this was history and now we know how things have changed!!

This book wont make you a Singapore historian but would definitely let you see the institutions here that we have today in a new light and how far the Singaporeans have come! It is interesting to note how GKS created the “aura” that Jurong (then a swamp) was a “happening” place for investors by insisting to his men to organise a “cut-ribbon” ceremony with full media attention:- GKS’s target? a ceremony a day for three months. There were less than ten investment projects in Jurong then. How this was done? GKS applied the Sun Tzu Art of War technique. How?

Read the book lah…..

 more links here, here

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Nokia 3110

July 20, 2007 at 11:15 p07 (Default)

I saved a couple hundred of bucks today when i settled for the classic Nokia 3110 but broke the heart of the sweet young thing who try to sell me a top-end cell phone costing $700++ that do all sort of stuff except balancing your cheque book.

The new “cheapo classic” Nokia 3110 phone has “flight” mode that i like. in this mode, all radio frequency emitting functions are disabled without switching off the phone, which allows it to be used in a plane, ie all  functions like call/receive/sms are off. well, if you travel the LCC way, you  may need to kill time and this baby is just your perfect entertainment centre.

By the way, the Nokia 3110 cost SGD$98 if you subscribe to a SGD$28 monthly plan. the phone come with a 512mB storage card and USB cable slot. No “sudoku” game unfortunately, otherwise this will be the perfect companion on any road trip.

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Home Reformat

February 7, 2007 at 11:15 p02 (Default)

 how nice if we can reformat our home as easy as our computer?


that lady’s touch is all i need in this place i called “home”!

Chinese New Year is coming!

How wonderful if we can reformat our home interior like we do our computer if we want to have a clean slate to start all over again. This rare opportunity befalls me as I just renovated the apartment and about to start our New Year spring cleaning. 

After the renovation, it is time to unpack those belongings that I had stacked away earlier. I am aghast at how much stuff I had accumulated that I have no need for now. For example, my golf ball rack, game rackets that I no longer play, gardening tools, books I no longer read etc. Looking at these stuff, I guess I had led very much a life of hoarder and very little of giver.

No wonder my home has that stuffy feel most of the time. Chinese New Year is coming, and it is time to have a new motto. How about “less is better”?  


Contact me if you want that golf ball rack or some Yonex 8100 badminton rackets!

I mean it!

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