Momentum in 2009

February 22, 2009 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

2009 is already in its second months but but life is like still lagging behind in 2008. A lot of things started in 2008 that suppose to gain momentum in 2009…. but somehow fizzle out. Maybe it is the proximity of the festive seasons (Xmas & CNY) and from having too much fun in between, that the old engine is having problem restarting now.

I will try harder and let me start with updating my blog. Here is the first post for 2009. It was an event that i witnessed at a neighbourhood mall near my home. The feats that these acrobats performed were so out of this world, i held my breath every times a dangerous stunt was performed. I didnt have my camera that day but luckily the show was on multiple days.

 i went back the next day with my camera to record it…

cant seem to upload the photos but if you visit my flickr account you can see it there. really awesome.


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Void Deck

November 21, 2008 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter, Pics/Photography) (, , , )

The empty space below lil dot public housing is called void deck. If you die, you can hold your wake there, if you are getting married, you can hold your kenduri (wedding dinner) there, if you want to get rid of your old fridge, you can dump it there too, not too openly cos it is illegal….

Don’t know why it is called “void deck”? There is always something happening in the void deck. It is never void nor empty. Don’t believe me, lets take a look….

Can you see me?

Study – a good place for some peace and quiet

Passageway – short cut for the neighbouring auntie

Runaway – planning a quick getaway

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May 15, 2008 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

Thought of buying a DSLR camera lately but after reading about William Tsoi and kenrockwell exploit with their compact cameras, i am not so sure. That DSLR buying decision can wait. William and Ken website are full of very wonderful pic taken with their compact cam. There are also tips on how to achieve the same effects by adding some simple accessories to your compact camera.

Their recommendations:-

  • get accessories like tripod, wide angle and macro lens to extend the capabilities of your camera
  • learn to use the P, Av, Tv and M mode of the camera
  • understand the physic of light

and voila!, you can shoot like pro too, with just your compact cam. but some scenarios just cant do with compact cam like event and sport. so, unless you are photojournalist and wedding photographers, you are better off with your compact cams.

i bought an adapter, a tripod and a wide/macro lens for my Canon A80 and tried out a few shots from my living room. One of the better one is the “sunrise” shot taken this morning.

Technical data for the “sunrise” shot

  • setting: Av, 1/50s, f8 handheld
  • manipulation: none
  • post production: noise reduction and some sharpening

Do you like the “sunrise” shot?


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Horny man & massage parlour

February 12, 2008 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter, Travel)

During CNY, my blog counter went crazy with referal from international sex guide. The most read posts?

“Chang Ping – the place” & “Married man go to massage parlour singapore”

Either Chang Ping, a rustic industrial town is now the new “Bangkok” of the east or the police raid in Geylang during the Chinese New Year had driven the regulars to the massage parlour for a quicky?

Where did all these horny people came from? Someone must have laden all the cny goodies with viagra or something….

Naughty, naughty….

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Santa Claus full time job

December 14, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (General Chatter)

I think Santa Claus full time job is a computer programme who write “LOGIC”sub-routine for God to input into the puny little brain of this group of people called “BOSS”. Once, every year, God dedicated programmer will take leave to play Santa Claus, so we earthlings can feel merry and go shop and shop and more shopping.

This conclusion is derived after some deep thought and observing the behaviour of my boss during the last two weeks. The boss is normally a very reasonable character the whole year round but without fail, come December, the logic circuit in his brain will go kaput.

Workload had doubled during the last two weeks. Eating out of a polyfoam box is fast replacing my daily TV-dinner routine. Yet, the boss is expecting me to finish my extra workload in a double quick time. With a much shortened month of December due to Hari Raya Puasa and X’mas holidays, it is totally ABSURD. The boss is going away for his annual holiday soon and rubbing it in….

“Please finish before i go on leave, can?”

It is as if the boss is going to take all my work on his holiday, read through them, analyse the findings, tabulate the $$, do a ROR and roll out the project first thing in the morning when he come back to the office.

“God, if YOU are cost cutting, keep the programmer. We need logic and less shopping. Amen!”

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Good Deals in Town

December 2, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (Default, General Chatter, Singapore)

With inflation creeping up and prices of stuff going up, especially petrol which had surpassed the S$2 mark for 95 octane grade, some belt tightening measures are inevitable. Never one who take too much notice of advertisement screaming freebies, i have a change of heart recently. I never like freebies because i felt the givers are not really sincere as ALL freebies are inevitable inferior and cheap stuff with big company logo on it.

Recently i noticed there are some deals that are really good and attractive. I have made a short list of the deals worth going for. My grandfather doesn’t own these shops and this is not a paid post if you have not noticed by now, so read on and check out these deal for yourself!

POSB Bank is offering a S$150 Kenneth Watch for opening “save-as-you-earn” account. Catch: minimum monthly deposit of $300 over 6 months. Still on.

OCBC, S$180 timex watch for tranfering $8000 to its OD lines. Still on.

Singtel is offering Niitendo Wii game set with three games to new subscriber to its broadband. Catch: S$65/month subscription with a minimum contract period of 2 years. Deal ends on 2 Dec 07 Sunday.

Buy a home theater system at House Audio at Liang Court and get 60% discount. Catch: to qualify you must pick a number 0-9. if you number come out as the first digit of the Wednesday 4D draw top price, you will get the discount in voucher form. You chance of winning is 10%. Not too bad an odd. Deals end 31 Dec 07.

 If you are already saving $300 or more a month, have an outstanding OD worth more than S$8000, intended to get a game set and/or buying a new home theather, why not check out these deals. Of course, you have to be in little dot to qualify.

Deal or No Deal?

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Massage or Tui Na?

November 23, 2007 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter, Singapore)

The shopping centre that I always go for my massage was raided by the vice squad two days ago. I didn’t know until I went for a rub this evening. Not that I am counting but I find the concentration of massage parlour in this particular shopping centre is rather high. Except the food court and basement level there seems to  be at least one massage centre at every floor and I am sure some are offering more than massage services.

The massage centres raided was on a higher storey than the one I usually patronize. From my personal experience the girls at the centres are rather aggressive. I remember after one session at my regular place, I went to collect my car at the carpark which is located at the same level of the raided massage centres. As I passed by the centres, the girls from the one of the centres approached me and started to grab my hand. Despite saying “NO” several times, the girl keeping asking me to give her shop a try. Feeling a bit embarrassed I quickly walked towards the multi-storey carpark entrance door. I was “chased” by the massage girl all the way from the front of the massage parlour right to the carpark entrance. She gave up after I slipped through the door….

When I related this story to my masseuse she laughed! She asked me why I didn’t try and give her a competitor report. Her shop and business was not affected by the raid, but thereafter, she receive some funny phone calls. As her shop serves mostly regulars like me & my wife, incoming phone calls are usually for booking. But yesterday she received a mysterious call asking specifically for massage services with emphasis on the phrase “massage services”.

She replied that they only do “TUI NA” and not massage. The caller asked what was the difference between “massage” and “tui na”. She replied, “…massage gives  you pleasure and “tui na” gives you pain.”

“So MR, if pleasure you are seeking, you should call the shop upstair!”

The caller hanged up after that.

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High Oil Price

October 23, 2007 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

My pocket is hurt cos…. 

Oil reached US$90 a  barrel last week! Petrol went up 5 cents a liter two weeks ago! Paying more for my right to ride.

Rig maker, Sembawang Marine share price went up from 99 cents to $5.60 because of increase oil exploration activities. But niamah! one stupid Sembmarine manager lost S$272 million playing the forex and the share dropped 86 cents today after halting trade yesterday. Another China Aviation Oil in the making? How do u feel if your stock dropped 15% in a single day? Buy more or dump?

The courier service that we used in the office just increased their fees from $4 per trip to $10 per trip. Reason – higher oil price! I am sure electricity, bus, taxi & other utilities will follow…

Biofuel as oil substitute? Palm oil? Plantation share… maybe it is time to load up on some palm oil share like IndoAgri, Golden Agri or the very expensive popular Wilmar.

 Beside rising sea level which will have a direct impact, i think the escalating oil price and scarcity of sand will make little dot a very expensive place to live in the future.

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Cheap & Cheaper

October 13, 2007 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

Just got myself a Acer Extensa 4620 notebook with the XP Pro OS Window. Price S$1498 but i got $58 discount after paying with cash. So far, none of my two notebooks last longer than 18 months without major breakdown like motherboard problem, hence i paid for a 2-year service warranty just in case, for another $199. The rest of the money go to Mafia Bill for the homeoffice software. Short of making coffee in the morning, this gizmo comes with all the latest bell & whistles like wifi, bluetooth, webcam, dvd player/burner etc.

I am extremely happy with the price and the performance of this machine. But i wonder how long and low computer price will go? I bought my last machine, a Toshiba satellite at S$2580 with home office & 1 year warranty two years ago. In two years, the price has gone down by 20%. Unless technology has improved so much over the last 24 months, i cant help but feel that somehow, somewhere some poor workers or suppliers in Taiwan or China got suckered. The margin must be so low that giants like IBM sold away their PC dept lock stock and barrel to what is known as Lenovo today.

My notebook is “cheap” relatively and i am sure its birth place is in China. Amidst the latest global outcry on inferior china-made product, i am not concern. Lead poisoning? Give me a break. I consume supposedly produced-in-China lead-laden century egg every morning. But hei, i still dont turn green when i am angry! 

This wifi function that come with the notebook really open up my “social” circle in my block. I see a lot of my neighbours in the wifi network. Unfortunately, these are just faceless names. How nice if there are identifiable? I would sure like to get to know the “Amanda” and “Belinda” that i “see” in my network. Maybe Mark of Facebook can work something up like linking up all friendly neighbours in the same block or precinct using the existing wifi network. Until then, i will just try to pin the “Amanda and Belinda” to the faces i that i meet in the lift on a daily basis.

I dread to work in an industry where the price of the products i made drop 20% every two years but as a consumer, i am delighted. Cheap & cheaper seems to be the mantra of business everywhere. The general consumers may benefit but the suppliers and business owners may suffer to bring us these cheap prices. I am sure there is a balance somewhere as dictated by market forces. Maybe sometime something is best not left to market forces…. and no more cheap computers?

I am confused…..

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No time to think

September 30, 2007 at 11:15 p09 (General Chatter)

T., originally uploaded by kobayashi /paolobaldini.

I am throwing nike “just do it” slogan into the dustbin. do & do without thinking is getting me going but always, i ended up at destination that i had no intention of arriving. redo, rework and most of the time got to retrace the whole route. “back at square one” is not a feeling i like a lot.

i am saying this cos i am still in the office on a sunday evening due to some screw-up that was my own doing. I wont have wound up in this state if i had given the work the attention and ya, some thinking before i started.

well, i must think more. or get more colleagues to involve in this thinking thingy. if i screw up again, at least i will have more company to share a wonderful sunday evening like this!! for the new project just landed in my “IN” tray, i think i better email the boss tomorrow to get more resources!

“”Boss, i need a helper committee to get this project going !!!””

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