January 26, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (General Chatter, Random Observations)

The RAIN from Korea had just left town and right now probably in Kay-el. I really would love to catch this rain storm if not for the dust storm i had been getting at my own door step *cough cough*.

Still on the subject of rain…..

The heavenly rain had receded for a while but i am not sure the flooding problem is behind us. The storm drain  i pass by everyday never has its water level so near to its bank. Heavy rain for a day, i will be cut off from office. Is there such thing as “flood” leave?

 Look at the photograph of the storm drain. I am glad i am not staying at those apartments next to it!!


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Something money can buy….

January 20, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (General Chatter)

My apartment had been going for a makeover for over a week now. Have been living in a dump with no tv and hot water while all this is happening.

We are not complaining though, as we had been looking forward to this renovation for a while and we are glad it is happening now.

Although our life had been turned topsy turvy by all the inconvenience, but i never see wifey any happier. She is the “happiness” barometer in our household and with that i would say the reno money is well spent.

 Well, money can’t buy you love but happiness, yes. Albeit a temporary and transient one. Happiness in any form and substance is welcome here!

Here are some “goreng” photos of the reno work….

day1: Help! MC Hammer is running amok…

 day2: Construction materials everywhere!

 day 3: the heavy makeover began!

a few days later: first time i lived in an apartment without a functioning door. the door leaf was taken out for tiling work to the entrance.

project management: if wifey read engineering, i am sure she will make a good Project Manager!

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Life Partner

November 1, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter)

on the top, originally uploaded by *helmen.

I answered a lot of “What do you want?” questions when i told my close friends that i was looking for a wife sometime back. My answer, most often than not, would be, “Long hair & not intimidating”.

A visual of that description would be like the gal in the pic above!

My feeling then was if i could describe what i wanted in a more specific manner, my list would be so short, only my mother would qualify!

Well, if you ask me now the same question, i would tell you, “Someone like my wife would be fine”.

I am sure you would like to ask me whether she look anything like the pic above, right?

Scroll to the first few posts of this blog and form your opinion!

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Light Please!

October 11, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

tunnel of trees, originally uploaded by richietown.

I dont know why i am writing this entry… but the picture above evoke memory of an old saying… the light at the end of the tunnel maybe that of a coming train. So what, when you reach the end, it is the END. period.

Life as we know it will cease when you reach the end. To some, Heaven, Nirvana, Syurga or Tien Tong maybe beckoning, depending on your religious inclination. “What is at the end of the tunnel” … that will be the last thing on my mind.

To me, it is the grind to the end of the tunnel that is zapping the daylight out of me everyday. How nice if like “Monopoly” where we can draw a card and go direct to the end of the tunnel bypassing all the misery and suffering of the journey?

Nay, that will deprive me of my bragging right of being there done that. You may say i am a confused fella in mid life crisis. I may not like that tag but then, who like to hear the truth?

When you are in a tunnel with no end in sight and too far away to start all over again, every flicker of light that come your way counts! It makes life more tolerable and most of all, give a sense of excitement to our mundance existence!

Dear readers/visitors, your presence and comments are like the light that lit my tunnel of life. At last , i found a reason to this post.  It is my “Thank You” post to you guys/gals for your support!

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Celestial Debt

October 5, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (General Chatter)

looking away, originally uploaded by Arriving at the horizon.

an old chinese saying… kids are our undischarged debt from a previous life. debt from the past? i like to ponder that…

if kids are really my liability eons ago, i want to discharge it in this life time. otherwise i will be stuck in my karma.

but getting into celestial debt is not easy. i tried and am still trying. mr ah long (debt collector) from heaven, if you hear my prayer, please send me my statement.

i will repay it, even if it takes a life time. but be quick hor, my remaining life time may not be enough for a full repayment… if possible can i discharge those with kkc first?

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Calling Steven

September 12, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (General Chatter)

…saw this while i was shopping somewhere in Bolehland last weekend. Looks like somebody is in deep shit, man!  Better give this notice your undivided attention, my fren!

For those of you who know Steven, tell him his wife is looking for him. I personally know someone with that name, will check on him later…..

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Eye Balls Everywhere

August 30, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (General Chatter)

sunset over the brandenburg gate 😉, originally uploaded by mivella.

Blogger block….

Nothing worthy to blog
Counter running like clock
Thank you frens for your support
Blogger block is Pipit’s prob

Bolehland bloggers….Happy National Day 31 August 2006!

Merdeka mengjara di hari Khamis (National day is falling on Thursday)
Hati duka kerana tak ada cuti (Feel sad cos there’s no holiday here)
Harap kawan di Semenanjung ni (Hope my frens from the peninsular)
Lepas cuti sila datang lagi! (After holiday please visit again)

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My high-maintenance PDA

August 27, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (General Chatter)

What kind of elephant that can fit into a drawer and cost S$500 in 2003?

 a white elephant muahahahah…sob sob sob…

that’s my ACER PDA N10 that i blew S$500 on and now residing in my office drawer…Not totally a lost investment though, as i occasionally take it out and use it as a paper weight.


Well, the excitement of owning one of these high tech gizmos worn off the moment i opened the box. The feeling is not unlike the moment i got my pet hamster… there was so much work to do to maintain the animal the initial enjoyment quickly turned into the much familiar feeling of responsibility and commitment.

I needed to constantly keep the PDA charged up, even when it was not in use so that the memory could retain its content. Maybe this problem had been solved, i am really not sure. To get organised i needed to input all my schedules into the PDA. To do that i, either got to learn to “write” using the stylus or tapping on the tiny keyboard on the screen. I have patience for neither… and all this for what? So i can answer my mobile, turn on my PDA and let my golf kaki know when i am available for golf next week while at the same time trying to overtake that road hogger in front of me? No thank you!

Well, it is not that i am not an organised person but nowadays, i like to do my organisation on my office desktop Microsoft Outlook. I can sync it with my email, calendar, contact and tasks all at once. I am not an extremely busy person, so i dont need to carry my organiser around in a PDA. If need to, my cell phone software can take care of that. The PDA was an impulse buy with the justification of convenience and i suspect a bit of herd instinct as everyone was carrying one in those days.

With wi-fi, PDA cell phone and more frequent travelling, maybe it is time i re-look that PDA again. Hopefully, one that runs on Microsoft, doubles as phone & music player and lower my golf handicap… before i forget, remembers birthdays too!!

This post is inspired by Angel latest quest for a PDA

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Coming up in 14 days…

July 26, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (General Chatter)

Busy days ahead for the weekend and the coming week…

 List of things to do

  • After issuing a challenge to Capt Fordo from planet Wuching, i have to get my Gundam Unit battleworthy in case he throws the 1st punch…
  • Golf game coming up on friday in JB… need to get some practice in the range. Cocka  maybe coming to play also… but only one hole… the 19th hahaha!!
  • Bloggers meeting next Thursday 3 August. Got to replenish the wardrobe. Must dress hip a bit as there will be a lot of hot chicks attending as the organiser Leonard is such a babes magnet! Guest of Honour: Cocka from JayBee
  • Friends from Ipoh are visiting this weekend, thanks to Mr T. Fernandez of Airasia. Jalan jalan in Orchard Road a must… will do some overdue shopping for the wardrobe.
  • Travelling again to Ipoh next Friday trying to meet my jie2 Helen. She didn’t turn up the last time and as one that doesn’t take “NO” for an answer… same time same place… Kong Heng at 3 pm. Butt keen butt san hor!!
  • Got to keep the Home Minister happy as i will be doing a few disappearing acts for the next 14 days. Guys, any suggestions?


P/s  “God! Pls grant me the same volume of strength as the guy above… if not the whole year at least for the next 14 days!!”

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Why l switched to WordPress 1

July 6, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (General Chatter)

WordPress has some cool functions that i like….eg this comment decoding function.  When you switch it on and apply it to the visitors’ comments, you can decode what they really want to say. I tried it and found a few surprises.

The decoded comments that really stand out were from Titoki.

Read the comments and see whether you can do better than WordPress.

GIVE THE GEISHA A SOAP! Post 30th June Titoki


I still cannot see imagine how a soap can give one so much sexual fantasy.

Comment after decoding (read the undeleted words)

 I still cannot see imagine how a soap can give one so much sexual fantasy.

HELLO WORLD! Post Jun 28th Titoki

Everyday I come here waiting for you to update… but you are too busy making babies… Sigh ;)

Comment after decoding (read the highlight words)

Everyday I come here waiting for you to update… but you are too busy making babies…Sigh 😉

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