Hellow 2010!!

July 24, 2010 at 11:15 p07 (Hobby, Life and its pleasures, Pics/Photography)

“Golden” Jumping Spider, originally uploaded by See Fei.

Hi! i am finally awaken from my slumber after like more than one year away. First post in 2010. Not bad hor… I havent changed into a spider lah. Just one my models in my new hobby – photography. Actually, not new also lah, been doing photography for 3 years already. but recently got very addicted to macro photography. Macro photography is shooting animals not more than 10mm in size. Aiyah, insects and bugs lah. Forgive the pun, but really got bitten by the “macro” bugs hahaha….



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October 17, 2008 at 11:15 p10 (Life and its pleasures, Pics/Photography)

Sunrise….another begining
The begining of a new cycle
The seemingly endless cycle
The cycle of my mundane life
Mundaneness is the base of my life
It is the foundation of my life
From which shiok and spark take flight
Only from the mundaneness of my life
I can enjoy and taste these exceptions
For without mundaneness, life is flat
For without the valley, there is no peak
Life without peak is a life wasted

Thank God It’s Friday, LIFE is BACK!

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MacRitchie Nature Trail

September 21, 2008 at 11:15 p09 (Life and its pleasures) ()

Went for the MacRitchie Reservoir nature trail walk last weekend. It was a hot and tiring 10.6 km walk which took a total of 4.5 hours to complete. As it was my first time, i was totally surprised by the many opportunities for macro and nature photography.

The followings are some of the more interesting shots that i would like to share with my readers here…

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Mayfield Flower Series

July 31, 2008 at 11:15 p07 (Life and its pleasures, Pics/Photography) ()

My first flower series from a friend garden in little island. Bugs and insects are too tough, flowers are a bit easier to shoot. The bokeh is a bit “clouded” as a result from trying to get more depth of field. My friend lives in Mayfield, hence the post name. Will try to learn the name of the flowers next time.

If you know the name of the flowers, please let me know, ok?

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Half Year Report

June 2, 2008 at 11:15 p06 (Life and its pleasures)

“dusk at kuching”

2008 is half gone… reporting time

  1. baby project failed… again. seeking consultant help now.
  2. work-life balance had reached equilibrium, finally. not for long though cos need to work doubly hard to pay off the consultant for the baby project
  3. finally took a trip oversea for holidays after 4 years of marriage. thanks for the convenient of cheap airflight but dont think this will last long as oil price is going north
  4. picking up photography again after giving away my film dslr years ago

life has been fair so far, no complaint.

2nd half crystal ball gazing

  1. may be expecting a long term guest into the household
  2. becoming a lab rat, ie in and out of hospital undergoing lab test
  3. more traveling, for biz and leisure
  4. more photography projects

expect a more hectic and crazy schedule.

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My “Robinson Crusoe” holiday

January 18, 2008 at 11:15 p01 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures)

If you spend most of your life living in an island, you grew to accept the sea as the boundary of your existence. You dont want to go beyond the limit of your beach. You learn to love the beach and everythings that has been written about it…..the wave, sand, sound, smell, sunset, slow walk,  nudist etc. ok, maybe except the nudist cos there are none on our beach.

So, it is shameless to say that i spent the last Deepavali holiday in a beach hotel at the fringe of this little island west coast – Sentosa Island. I managed to convince my wife that it was worth our while to visit Sentosa before the integrated resort claim it as a “must-go” crowded & noisy & expensive touristy place. I dont hate tourists but it is just awful seeing all your serene “backyard” turning into one hot tourist spot after another!!

We chose Siloso Beach Resort, it was half finished hotel with no facility except a very nice set-in-nature swimming pool. I have no other choice cos it was the only one with room available below $300++. Ya, i am not only a lazy, but cheapo  bugger too. Located within 30 minute drive from my home, Siloso Beach Resort is the perfect destination for the “robinson crusoe” in me. And it come with a nice bonus too, ample empty carpark lots.


The rooms are all sea-facing and the room doors open to face the pool and the lush forest. Nothing to cheer about cos the seaview is nearly non-existence due to the low level (highest floor is 7th storey) and the number of high trees in front of the hotel. Anyway, we were there not for the view and it didnt matter. Really! WE just need a comfortable to do our biz.


If the beach is not your cup of tea, the pool is a good alternative. Nice pool but no semi-naked blonde around though. I was disappointed, just a little bit. Guess the action was at the beach.


We went to watch the “song of the sea” – a dance & song & laser performance. One of those touristy performance that was forgetable that you only go to “kill” time. Silly me wasnt it? You went for a holiday and “kill” time by watching a silly show like this. BTW, the stage is on the left and in the background is our oil refinery complex. The performance had not started yet.


This is my favourite moment. Dinner at the beach bar watching the sunset. The food was lousy and pricey. But we didnt care. It felt so good to just sit there with wifey and watching the sun set in the horizon. Hadnt done this for a long time with wifey, we felt like dating again. We will be back!!


The beach was crowded but not overwhelming. Still no semi-naked blonde in sight. Maybe it was Deepavali and the action was at little India in Serangoon road. My disappointment was complete. Wifey was just so happy to still have the space to walk around with our bare feet on the beach. When she is happy, i am happy too. I am a man easily contented and my disappointment was very soon forgotten.


Sunset at Sentosa… my kodak moment! For one living in an island, i see very little of the beach. This must change. Wifey and i actually feel happpy to be here. This feeling, we want to cherish and perpetuate. If i can have a belated resolution for 2008, this is IT. My relationship with the beach will change. I will see more of you, Beach. Promise!

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Watch Show “Tempus” 2007

September 9, 2007 at 11:15 p09 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures)

For one who has not been wearing a watch for the last ten years, i find it strange to actually spend an afternoon yesterday at the “Tempus 2007”, the watch show going on at City Hall Convention Hall at Raffles City. Well, Tempus 2007 is not a “normal” watch show, it is for those who have deep pocket & know their watches. I am neither but free wine and the sight of expensive toys usually will sway me off the trajectory of my mundane life.

Pardon my ignorance, isn’t a watch show is just like a car show with the attendance beautiful models, celebrities & expensive setting? Dawn Yang, the celebrity/blogger was there.

I showed my ignorance when i asked my friend who invited me to the show why there was no ROLEX booth. His reply, “same reason as why you wont find a Toyota Camry in a Ferrari show”. Well, it seems that ROLEX with their relentless marketing, high production rate and low R&D had fallen of the list of high end watch. If Toyota Camry cost about $3,000 in the watch world, i cant wait to see the Ferrari-equivalent!!

Tempus 2007 is definitely an eye opener for me and you can learned a few things too if you are thick-skinned enough to ask those suited “Hour Glass” sale rep manning the booths. According to the rep, a “Richard Mille” watch starts at $64,000 and a Urwerk starts at $90,000. Richard Mille watch is special cos it uses cutting edge material like fibreglass and Urwerk watch is made by “engineers” as compared to craftman.

For less than $10,000 you can have a piece of Francois Junod – a genius in making robotic figurine that can do functions like writing and drawing. Of all the pieces on display, i was marveled at a master piece of a man and a woman in a very compromising position engaging in an activity that is best kept in the bedroom.

I found that the representatives of the major watch brands were more interested to talk to you about the craftmanship and watch making than to actually do a sale. You would learn stuff like the anti-gravity device called “turbillion” that they put into their watches. With this device in, a watch can easily go up another $50,000 above the same model without it. I also learned another word called “complication”. A complication is like a special feature the craftman put into their watch. Turbillion is a complication.

This visit is really educational. At least now i know if i were to splash some hard-earned cash on a high-end watch, i would not go for the production-line Rolex.

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Mundance is good

January 25, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Life and its pleasures, Random Observations)

Reno is coming to an end soon with floor washing & cabinet fixing scheduled for next week. The last 2 week of chaos and make-shift life adjustment for once had me craving for a bit of predictability. Mundanceness has never been so welcome.

The reno had yielded some lessons/experiences that are enlightening and uplifting. for example…

  • the neighbours are more friendly and dropping by our door step and enquiring about the progress of our reno. as a result, we know our neighbours better.
  • as our master bedroom is our only sanctuary, we are actually spend more time in it doing things that our parents used to do during those pre-cable tv and 24-hour McDonald. hopefully we will have some red-egg eating celebration by end of the year
  • we talked more and communicated better as we watch no tv and spending more time at home with each other. our relationship has actually improved over this period of time.
  • life can be equally happy and livable with less trapping of modern living & luxury. we had weaned ourselves of bathing with hot water, for the moment at least.

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The Yard

January 8, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Gathering, Life and its pleasures)

Tucked away at one corner of the River Valley Road is The Yard…

The YARD is Singapore oldest english pub, set up in 1983, about the same time as Zouk. The time when Mariah Carey was just a new comer in the english music scene & the HK heavenly kings ruled the canto-pop scene…


You wont miss it with the prominent sign by the roadside

Prices are reasonable & service is friendly…

Rustic ambience and not crowded… a good destination for sitdown-bitch-drink session & to bring that secret girl-fren without bumping into your children…


this place oozes nostalgia, right down to a still-working legacy coin-phone… dont see many of this device around nowadays. no reason not to call when the cell battery is flat.

our regular hang-out place to have a drink and catch some football action!!

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Surprise from Shanghai

November 23, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Life and its pleasures)

Got a unexpected Yahoo Messenger message from a female friend, Winnie from Shanghai today. We got to know each other online through Yahoo a few years back and used to hang out together during my stint there. She was an out of towner Chinese from Hubei working then as the marketing manager of Parker Pen.

Winnie spoke with an American accent, loved classical opera and could carry a tune well. She was always fun to be with, with her bubbly personality and love for the arts. She loved Italian opera so much she actually went to learn Italian and could carry a few lines in Italian. She was and still the only friend that i know so far that could carry a Whitney Houston tune.

We had a lot of fun catching touring performances like Cats, Madame Butterfly and Les Mis, singing kara and  simply yakking away. I like her view that the world was like an oyster waiting for her to exploit. Knowing how difficult for Chinese to leave China during that time, she was gutsy and not afraid of setting high goals in her life.

Her English and Italian was self taught and i was always amazed by her great capacity for learning. This is one lady who knew what she wanted in life and i was sure her ambition was matched by her talent and positive attitude of life. She single handedly had smashed away my stereotype of Chinese piao meis.

Although we spent a lot of time together and could connect well, romance was never in the air. I don’t know why but for the lack of a better word, she was more a “kaki” (buddy) than a prospective mate to me. I had not heard from her after i left China until this message arrived in my YM…

Winnie: Hei, How are you? Still looking for a life partner?

Seefei: Nope, i am married now. Why do you asked?

Winnie: How come you profile is still on in MSN match maker list?

Seefei: ……….. *don’t know what to say*

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