Tough Time

October 24, 2008 at 11:15 p10 (News & Comments) ()

hard time is coming…
did you upgrade your life and lifestyle during the last 12 months? change your dependable toyota to a bmw? if you havent and have been living the same modest life for the last ten years, guess the coming storm will just blow past you. a friend who lost his investment analyst job yesterday is not too concerned with the lost of rice bowl. in fact he is taking it within his stride and looking forward to a break after twenty years of working…

he will make it through this storm. a working wife and value-driven life somehow will cushion, i am sure, the temporary loss of income. who would imagine the big, strong and friendly banks of big america will go kaput? who would imagine your neighbourhood relationship manager doesnt have your interest at heart? my heart goes out to those aunties and uncles who lost their life long saving to ill-advised investment.

back to my friend. we were supposed to go out for a drink to cheer him up tonite. but he took a rain check as his schedule is full this week with dinner with relatives and family matter. although his bank account will miss a few zeroes from his usual year-end bonus but quality family time will more than make up for it.

if teh tarik is not your cup of tea, it is time to wean off the $20-a-pop long island tea and have a change of taste. the coming crisis is no storm in a tea cup, pardon the pun. this crisis is a perfect storm and will leave more than a few broken firms in the financial world. its effect will permeate the business world and frankly i have never fear so much for my rich bowl.

teh tarik, anyone?


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MM Lee, Mas Selamat & GE2008

March 8, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (News & Comments)


“It is stupid to believe we are infallible. We are not infallible. One mistake and we’ve got a big explosive in our midst. So let’s not take this lightly”. MM Lee, on the escape from detention of JI man Mas Selamat.

Lee Kuan Yew is one politician and leader I always respect. He is frank and to the point. LKY is brave to admit that the national security forces are complacent and allow his words to be reported on the front page of the national newspapers.

I am sick that a mistake of this proportion only warrant a lame “We are sorry” from DPM Wong. We need more leaders like LKY. Those who neglect their duty should be told so, right in their faces! Kudos to LKY!

Talking about duty, i, too have failed my national duty. Malaysians are going to the poll today. For one who is eligible but have never voted, i feel guilty of not voting, again. The usual reason, hassle of travelling and taking leave from work. Maybe complacency had crept into my mundane but comfortable life. Voting is our birth right. We should exercise it and be a responsible  citizen.

Come GE2012, you bet i will be there!

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Edison Chen a fan of “Sex & the City”?

February 23, 2008 at 11:15 p02 (News & Comments)

Will you videotape me?

“Ed, How could you do such thing?”

This “Edison Chen” saga reminds me of Samantha “the man-eater” request in one of the “Sex & the City” TV episodes. Sam was about to hit the sack with a male model when she saw these stacks of video tapes next to her mate bed. There was a video player and a tv beside the bed, so she popped one tape into the player. Viola, out came the passionate scene of the male model having sex with a well-known female model. Sam was so turned on by the “action”, she requested that their romp between the sheet be taped too.

You may think that Sam was crazy but the woman was heart broken  when her request was rejected. It seemed that the male model only video celebrities. Sam, an event organiser was definitely not in the same league. When the Edison Chen story broke, i nearly fall off my chair. Gosh, i thought these erotic video/photo are the stuff only overly imaginative TV screen writer can dream of! Obviously, i am wrong here. *sigh*

If Edison is really a fan of the TV series, i am sure the list of his female buddies are longer than the magnificent seven reported in the paper! No wonder “Sex & the City” was banned in the free-to-air TV here in uptight little dot. Even that, not longer ago, we had this aspiring politician taking nude photo of his maid and reported by none other than his wife!! The last we heard of the man, he had left the political arena.

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Talking back to your wife is not a bad thing

January 31, 2008 at 11:15 p01 (Married Life, News & Comments)


NOT that I agree with the title of this post. Fighting with the wife? You must be crazy! She is your other half, for goodness sake. Not in my lifetime, no matter what the health benefits. Anyway, why pick a fight that you cannot win?

I can think of others lesser characters that are more worthy of my unabashed 2 cents worth like those unreasonable clients, demanding boss(es), rude waiters, nosey relatives etc.

This survey is really sek-pau-mo-yeh-jo (eat full nothing to do) type. The findings are foregone conclusion and why pick of the other half who provide you with sex love and comfort?

 The full article from Reuter

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Fighting with your spouse can actually be good for your health with people who bottle it all up found to die earlier, a new study shows. Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and its Psychology Department released preliminary findings after 17 years of following 192 couples. The couples fell into four categories: where both partners expressed anger when they felt unfairly attacked, where neither partner expressed their anger, and one category each for where the wife suppressed her feelings and where the husband did so. “I would say that if you don’t express your feelings to your partner and tell them what the problem is when you’re unfairly attacked, then you’re in trouble,” said Ernest Harburg, lead author of the study, in an interview. The study found that those who kept their anger in were twice as likely to die earlier than those who don’t.There were 13 deaths in the group of 26 pairs where both partners suppressed their emotions, as opposed to only 41 deaths in the remaining 166 pairs. “When couples get together, one of their main jobs is reconciliation about conflict,” Harburg said. “Usually nobody is trained to do this. If they have good parents, they can imitate, that’s fine, but usually the couple is ignorant about the process of resolving conflict.” Harburg said resentment was the real threat — and suppressing anger led to resentmentHe said it is the resentment that interacts with any medical vulnerabilities a person might have, increasing their chances of succumbing to that medical problem.“It’s healthy to recognize that you’re being attacked unfairly and it’s even more healthy to speak up and to talk about it and try to resolve the problem if you want to live longer,” said Harburg.(Reporting by Stefanie Kranjec; Editing by Belinda Goldsmith)

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Father’s Day Message

June 16, 2007 at 11:15 p06 (News & Comments, Parenting & Parents)

Another letter to my unborn son….

My dear Son

It has been 12 months since the last letter I had written to you. Father Day is here again and I am still celebrating it without you. Daddy would like to let you know that Mummy and I had worked very hard during the last 12 months to call for you. The fact that this blog had seen little posting testify to that. You may ask why? Well, for the simple reason the time I write and post coincide with the time I call for you.

I don’t know why you are still not here. Maybe you are concern with the bad publicity of people taking pictures of other people private parts in public toilets and changing rooms. Don’t worry, if ever your kukujiao were to be “snapped” and posted on the internet, Daddy will ask uncle Ah Tak to photoshop your KKJ to look bigger and longer. We can’t beat the internet but we can alter the world wide web perception of you.

Son, I am writing to you to tell you a few developments in little dot that are not to your advantage. Prices of stuff in this island is going up a lot recently, NETS , GST, cable TV, COE, housing. But don’t worry son, we are not financially in distress of any kind. Just that if you delay your decision to come, the only X-BOX I can afford is those made of paper and the only Toyotas you are able to sit on are those from the taxi company!

The other development that will have a material impact on you is the government decision to increase the population by 50% over the next few years. You may ask how is that going to affect you. Well, as you know, the general population is underproducing to the tune of 1.26 for every couple. The government is going to make up the number by bringing in a lot of readymade talents from the neighbouring countries. As we are also trying to increase our family population by 50%, your Mummy is already toying with the idea to adopt you like what uncle lee is doing. If that happen, Daddy is not sure whether I will feel the same for you or not.

Auntie Zara Mama had recently advised Daddy to take some Guinness before calling for you. She said it will increase the drive. Although I am not an alcoholic drinker, Daddy & Mummy really love you and we will give it a try. So if you are reading this letter in a few years time, don’t forget to thank auntie Zara Mama. You can take this opportunity too to get acquainted with Zara and Zaria. They maybe too old to be your girl friends but they are wonderful people. The least you can do is put them on your MSN list.

Before Daddy pen off, I will let you in on a little secret. Recently Daddy realizes that my contribution to the ingredients that go into the making of you is running low. Maybe Daddy work too hard to prepare for your coming or it is just plain physical deterioration on my part. You have the news and the facts. Daddy knows the odd is against you but then, you just got to give it the extra oomph! The ball is in your court, Son!!

Son, let me remind you again not to forget to bring your KKJ! Why? – you may ask. Remember uncle Ah Tak? He only knows how to photoshop KKJ!

Happy Father Day!

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Good Bye Sentosa Island!

December 10, 2006 at 11:15 p12 (News & Comments, Pics/Photography)

Genting International just won the bid for the building of the integrated resort at Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island, the tranquil island that i visit occasionally to “get away” from the hectic mainland island life is going to see major development happening in the next few years.

Sentosa Island will see S$5.2 billion investment pouring in and the creation of 30,000 jobs to staff the IR. Together with an estimated visitors count of at least 30,000 per day, i will have the company of 60,000 or more at any single day when i visit. Well, i guess the day of stumbling unto couple having sex in the belukar and the odd komodo dragon will be a thing of the past.

Genting’s win is not totally unpredictable. In fact, i had wagered some monies on Genting share a couple of months back in anticipation of this win. We, in little dot are a pragmatic lot. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we will try to make the best out of it. What’s next? Spill over effect on property prices in the West Coast?

Before the serene and peaceful Sentosa is gone and replaced by the man made merryland, i went down to vivocity last friday to take some pictures for remembrance.

 I will miss you, Sentosa Island……………………………

Sentosa Island with the merlion & cable car tower visible on the right of the main visitor hall in the centre and the connecting bridge from the mainland on the left.

Starcruise’s ship anchoring at harbourfront on the right and the chinese junk cruise to no-where on the left.

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No gold here!

November 30, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (News & Comments)

Have you heard the chinese fable of the village idiot who found a buried treasure chest in a deserted piece of land? The treasure chest was too big for him to carry alone, so the idiot decided to go and get some help.

To prevent others from finding the treasure, he came out with this smart idea. He put up a sign on the very spot where the treasure was located warning everyone…

 “There is no treasure here, go look for it somewhere else!”

 Now we have the malaysian version of this story or is it just me that is reading too much between the lines?

 You read and draw your own conclusion!

Straight Times 30 Nov 2006 headlines


“Johor & Petronas deny report of oil discovery”

but a few days earlier…..
lifted from malaysia Bernama news agency…

Petronas Finds Oil And Gas Reserves In Johor Waters E-mail this news to a friend  Printable version of this news  



By Mohd Haikal IsaJOHOR BAHARU, Nov 28 (Bernama) — National oil company Petronas is believed to have made its first discovery of oil and gas reserves in the waters of Johor.According to reliable sources, Petronas made the discovery of the two fuel resources in a coastal area east of Johor.The sources said that Petronas recently had a briefing with Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman on the findings.Abdul Ghani made an unofficial announcement of the findings during a Hari Raya gathering last week, organised by Umno (Pengerang Division), the sources said.“The area (where the oil and gas were found) is believed to be more than 1,000 hectares. According to research, the oil and gas reserves from the area were of “significant amount,” the sources told Bernama here Tuesday.According to the sources, the whole area of the oil and gas discovery is divided into two areas coming under the jurisdiction of both the federal and state governments.“The whole area is situated in Malaysia. It does not involve the waters of Indonesia or Singapore, and therefore the issue of ownership does not arise. It is ours,” the sources said.The discovery is believed to have been made following a comprehensive geological study undertaken by Petronas on the coastal areas where the oil and gas reserves were.“Johor would make gains from the discovery, and among them would be the payment of royalties, as well as other ensuing economic benefits such as the establishment of oil and gas based industries and employment for the local people,” the sources said.Prices of land in the affected areas are also expected to go up significantly following the discovery.

SINGAPORE BECOMING AN OIL PRODUCING COUNTRY? mind boggling isn’t it? considering the proximity of Johor and Singapore, can’t rule out the possibility. I can think of a name for the new singapore oil company…

 PAP Oil Limited, PAP stands for pump and pump muahahaha!!!

Brudders all, please load up on SRC (spore refining company) shares.

Don’t tell people you hear it from burung pipit!

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Welcome Mr Bush!

November 17, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (News & Comments, Whining/Bitching/Ranting)

You can never estimate the power of pop culture in your life until it stokes the fear in you. My family is going to live through this Friday night in fear because simple American kampung mate, Mr Bush is visiting and asking me out for dinner. I vowed I won’t watch  American political movie after this and here is the reason why.

Have you watched the movie, Syriana? We are worried that someone will take out Mr Bush with a copy cat tactical strike from a patriot missile launchs from the stratosphere. What if the missile carry a nuclear warhead? How scary, imagining your life evaporates just like that for the mere fact that you are stuck on a little island with the most powerful man on earth?

Superman, where are you when we need you?

Beside that, half of little dot is cordoned off to provide a security buffer zone for Mr Bush and his entourage. That leaves only the Night Safari, Bird Park and the trans park in Changi Beach in the outskirt accessible to local indigenous like me. Unless you are a great fan of National Geographic, Animal Planet and have a non-mainstream sexual inclination, there is really not many places you can hang out this Friday.

But don’t get me wrong. I hold no grudges against Mr Bush for all this inconvenience. On the contrary, I like this man, for the fact that both Bush and burung pipit have a lot in common. For example, we have simplistic view of the world. I, “don’t forget to feed the dog and the world will be a better place” and Bush, “take out Saddam and we will have world peace”. The only difference is I don’t have to survive election every four year to validate my point of view.

Mr Bush, try our signature dish chilli crab at East Coast, satay at Lau Pa Sat or visit our newly renovated museum at Bras Basah. Whatever it is, have fun and it is a pleasant experience talking to you. But next time when you wanna drop by, please let us know in advance so we can book our long overdue trip to Bali.

By the way, if you happen to drop by Texas en-route to Washington, can you send my regards to my blogdy, SA?

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The story of Ah Pek, Handsome & Robin

September 2, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (News & Comments, Singapore)

This is the story of two cats, Ah Pek (not the blogger) and Handsome that lives at the ground floor of my apartment…and the heroic act of cat lover Robin “Hood” Chan and his gang of happy volunteers.

Ah Pek being the older of the two is the grey fella on the right and Handsome, like most youngsters, he likes his hair blonde & highlighted….

                                                                             Ah Pek & Handsome relaxing with some babes from the neighbourhood…

Ah Pek & Handsome are two lovely cuties… They brought much joy to me with their meowing in the morning when i leave for work and in the evening when i finish my day. These two fellas always greet me at the lift lobby even though i have no food to offer them. Patting their fur after a hard day work has this feel “GOOD” feeling that is both therapeutic and relaxing. On many occasions these two fellas hide below my car in the public carpark in the morning. Maybe it is the warm of the engine from the night before that give them comfort from the cold night. It has become a habit to look under the car on mornings when when i dont see them at the lift lobby… just in case.

Ah Pek & Handsome are our community cats. What is community cats, you may ask?

These are cats that roam freely in the neighbourhood but they are not stray. Like Ah Pek & Handsome, their home is the empty space called void deck below our apartment where we live. As 80% of people on this little dot live in public flats that prohibit cat keeping, cat lovers among this majority of the population only option is to keep them at the void deck.

                                                                             As a community cat, Ah Pek’s left ear was clipped too

Community cats can be recognised by their clipped ears. The community cats are usually neutered. I dont know how this come about but i suspect this is a compromise that some cat lovers societies had with the power to be for leaving the community cats alone.

Ah Pek is old and blind in one eye. He was taken away twice by the town council people for mercy killing because of his physical condition. On both occasions, Ah Pek was rescued from the executioner jab by his care taker. However, the recent news of Yio Chu Kang town council of culling ALL the community cats in their neighbourhoods is very unsettling for cat lovers of this little island. This is an act that is both mindless and cruel. There was a petition online to stop this barbaric act and i hope people out there will lend your support to these harmless “voiceless” creatures. Will activate the petition link HERE when i find it.

This is bad news for Ah Pek & Handsome people. What kind of hideous crime that the like of Ah Pek & Handsome had committed that they must be wiped out totally and entirely? Their only “crime” if you can call it one, is that they are mistaken by some goondus for the SARS bearing civets (which are from the RAT family, according to Robin). During the peak of the SARS period, the Ah Peks & Handsomes of these islands were killed at a rate of 200 per day and thanks to Robin group of volunteers, some lucky one were rescued. 150 of them to be exact. You can “adopt” one by dropping by Robin’s blog.

Come and join us at the MEOW (MEOW Encourage Owners Workgroup)….here. If cat patting is not your cup of tea, at least drop by to say ‘hello’ to the like of Cocka, Mother Superior , Leonard and other beautiful people here.

Latest update 2 Sept: According to Robin, the petition is a success and the culling had been called off.

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Sheila Majid Concert in Singapore

August 1, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (News & Comments)

Hi Sheila’s fan out there! She is coming for a one night gig at the Durian. I had attended her concert in JB more than ten years ago and had had a wonderful time. Looking forward to another magical evening with the jazz queen of Boleh Land.

Date: 12 August 2006
Time: 10 pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall
Ticket: $30, $50, $70, $90

I have yet to book the ticket and looking for friends to attend this event. Anyone interested pls contact me at

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