Wide Tyres

March 30, 2007 at 11:15 p03 (Random Observations)

wide tyres, originally uploaded by See Fei.

Just installed some wide tyres on my ride and was testing it out at some rough terrain in the west of little dot. Before i even get the chance to sniff the smell of burning rubber, the wheels got stuck in the ground. i was so embarassed, i could have jumped into the sea. Lucky there was no one around.

Despite the advanced network of roads and highways, I guess there are still places in this little island that you are not suppose to go with your family saloon. Maybe it is time to get one of those fuel guzzling SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)…

While you are still squinting at the photo to pick up those stuff in the background, see whether you can identify the the followings…

under-construction oil rig platform, navy ship repair yard, rubbish incineration plant and
oil tank farm, in that order.


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High-End Public Housing

March 27, 2007 at 11:15 p03 (Random Observations)

As i was passing by Woodlands Drive 75 and Avenue 7, i chanced upon these developments. I was surprised by what i see! These developments are public housing in lil dot but judging from the look, i wont bat an eyelid if you tell me they are condos!

These are actually all high end public housing for the more fussy type of public housing dwellers.

Dont you agree that these developments do not fit your general perception of public housing?

Public flat at woodlands … price range: $200k to $300k. Couples whose combined income of less than $8000 are eligible for this type of flat.

Another type of public flat in the same price range


Executive condo… public flat built by private developers. price range: $400k to $600k. A special class of public flats for those not so deep pocket but with condo-living aspiration.

Another type of exec condo…

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Sengkang New Town

February 26, 2007 at 11:15 p02 (Random Observations, Singapore)

A picture tells a 1,000,000…. words?

I like this picture of Sengkang New Town taken from Hougang side. It is a combo picture of four photographs. You can read so much about Singapore from looking at this pic.

The big picture here is the sky representing the power to be. It  is domineering and ubiquituous. But not such a bad idea, since it is blue and sunshine all year round? For those who want four seasons, too bad! – you only option is to “migrate” to another point of view.

Notice the flat line of the top of the HDB public housing apartment in the horizon? So homogeneous and yes, boring! As 80% of us in this little island live in a HDB apartment, housing option is never exciting here, unless you consider high-rise pigeon hole living, heavenly! With so much pigeon holes in the sky, no wonder this place attract legions of foreign talents pigeons from all over the world!

There is an MRT (mass rapid train) line running in front of the HDB blocks, if you look hard enough. Sengkang is the only town, beside Toa Payoh, that has an integrated bus station with the MRT line. You wont appreciate this until you have to get down from a bus on a rainy day and catch a connecting train by walking 15 minutes to the next MRT station, with a baby in tow or after having a $400 hairdo from Orchard Road. With integrated bus interchange, you take out the walk and the weather.

Notice the construction cranes on the right hand side? This little dot is like a major construction site. Not a day passed that i dont see some kind of construction activities near my home, my girl fren home, my boy fren home, … You get the pic – no matter which town or whose home you live in here, you will never far away from some kind of construction activities *sigh*.

The mass green in the foreground represent the government relentless drive to promote and brand Singapore as a “Garden City” – a playground for the rich and famous. There is no black or white or any other colour bullshit here, only green matter. Green is big here, mister!!

ok, enough said.

 thank you for your time!!

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January 26, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (General Chatter, Random Observations)

The RAIN from Korea had just left town and right now probably in Kay-el. I really would love to catch this rain storm if not for the dust storm i had been getting at my own door step *cough cough*.

Still on the subject of rain…..

The heavenly rain had receded for a while but i am not sure the flooding problem is behind us. The storm drain  i pass by everyday never has its water level so near to its bank. Heavy rain for a day, i will be cut off from office. Is there such thing as “flood” leave?

 Look at the photograph of the storm drain. I am glad i am not staying at those apartments next to it!!

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Mundance is good

January 25, 2007 at 11:15 p01 (Life and its pleasures, Random Observations)

Reno is coming to an end soon with floor washing & cabinet fixing scheduled for next week. The last 2 week of chaos and make-shift life adjustment for once had me craving for a bit of predictability. Mundanceness has never been so welcome.

The reno had yielded some lessons/experiences that are enlightening and uplifting. for example…

  • the neighbours are more friendly and dropping by our door step and enquiring about the progress of our reno. as a result, we know our neighbours better.
  • as our master bedroom is our only sanctuary, we are actually spend more time in it doing things that our parents used to do during those pre-cable tv and 24-hour McDonald. hopefully we will have some red-egg eating celebration by end of the year
  • we talked more and communicated better as we watch no tv and spending more time at home with each other. our relationship has actually improved over this period of time.
  • life can be equally happy and livable with less trapping of modern living & luxury. we had weaned ourselves of bathing with hot water, for the moment at least.

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Gossip by the River

December 4, 2006 at 11:15 p12 (Bloggers Meeting, Pics/Photography, Random Observations)

Cocka came to collect his prize for the caption contest held some weeks back. we decided to visit boat quay for a makan & some drinking session without the normal entourage…

guess who we saw? we saw car2 in a black body hugging tee… she seemed to be searching for someone. if you are still blur by now where she is, her back is facing you on the right of the above pic! get it?

we were curious and we followed her into a “No Entry except authorised vehicles” backlane. How ironical, no extry,  except this car2!

after emerging from the back lane, we saw car2 talking to a mysterious lady that look like some misty fog… too far couldn’t get a close up!

 car2 talking to the guy in red next to her on her cellphone at the sundanese indonesian restaurant. very secretive ho! why could not talk face to face? must be secret boyfriend!

after the dinner, car2 adjourned to the nearby coffee bean with the guy in red, and was joined by another mysterious lady… a very hiao-looking foxy lady. the mysterious misti one had disappeared by now. wow, a threesome hah?!!

Hei! this is the guy that talked to car2 just now. He was no more wearing red! What happened to his shirt hah? He looked very2 happy sitting next to car2. Wonder what’s their relationship?

the hiao one, again! but car2 didn’t look too happy this time. the hiao one must be the secret gf of her secret bf. omg! show hand already so fast?

to really find out what happened on that fateful evening… you can read here, here, here & here

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peeping tom

October 15, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Random Observations)

nice living 2, originally uploaded by *helmen.

have a feeling someone is stalking me from my neighbouring block. i was trying out the giant zoom of my new canon S3 over the weekend when i saw this huge telescope in one of my neighbour’s window. you know, the type used by people who star gaze.

i was wondering when that telescope was put up? it was at a higher level and has a clear line of sight into my bedroom. as i like my romp between the sheet with a little breeze on my back with the window open, i wonder whether my neighbour had been a having a little entertainment at my expense?

havent told wifey yet about this little discovery as i worry it will freak her out. well, i guess from this point onward, “free and open” sex will be a thing of the past from my own bedroom… so much for apartment living *sigh*

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My attempt as a tabloid reporter

August 14, 2006 at 11:15 p08 (Random Observations)

While idling away at Senai Airport, i spotted a TVB artist who hailed from BolehLand. She is none other than the famous Choo Mee Mee. Ms Choo is famous for her role as the loud-mouth mean mother-in-law or the kaypo neighbourhood auntie in Hong Kong TVB series and some Kiasuland TV productions.

My sister-in-law approached and asked her for a photograph to be taken together, very courtesely and in an equally polite manner, Ms Choo declined her. Reason: Ms Choo didn’t have her make-up on…. and trust me, without make-up she doesn’t look anything like her image on TV. As one who would not take “NO” for an answer, i told my sister i would get a photo of her together with Ms Choo.

The photo above is my master piece. Notice the lady in black in the background between the two beautiful ladies from the left, there you go… Ms Choo sipping her cup of coffee. BTW, my SIL is on the extreme right and the two ladies are her friends.


A close up of Ms Choo and her coffee. There was an unknown young male companion beside her. From the laam glances they threw at each other from time to time, the young man could be Ms Choo lastest toy boy.

Not bad for a virginal attempt as a tabloid reporter, right? Can’t see her face? I didnt get close enough lah, otherwise i would have got her or hot coffee on my face…

How is my first tabloid report? like it…. loathe it? Shall i give up my day job to do this full time? LOL

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No Massage Services Here!

July 27, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Random Observations)

*Rub rub eyes*… true of not?

Burung Pipit visitors had double and triple over the last few days. Nearly 50% of the visitors are directed here via the word “massage”.

 here is a sample…

  • clean massage in singapore
  • massage near raffles place
  • naked massage buddies
  • girl to man massage in malaysia
  • massage course in singapore
  • should sg man go for massage
  • tui na for infant

This influx happened after the posting of the “massage” entry.

Hei, you out there!

There is  NO, yilek, tak ada, MO, mei you, massage or char guat or tui na or urut, services here, ok? But thanks for dropping by, nevertheless.

Want information on massage, please go to sammyboy… or NEW PAPER (classified ad) or Yellow Pages  (online version).

This will be my final entry on the subject and will avoid the “M” word at all cost in future.

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Feng Shui Talk at St Andrew Cathedral

July 24, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Random Observations, Singapore)

I saw this sign outside St Andrew Cathedral (SAC) promoting a talk by one Rev Daniel Tong. It reminds me of what Helen wrote recently on the subject. She was talking about feng shui and how it has become a mega-buck industry. With this, are we seeing the churches are also jumping onto the “feng shui” bandwagon to reach out to the people?

The talk is organised by SAC Welcome Centre and will be held on 28 July FRI from 12 pm to 2 pm. I hope this is not another smartly veiled recruitment drive and the venue better has a back door that is not locked.

Anyone, lunch time FENG SHUI talk?

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