Brown Capuchin

July 27, 2010 at 11:15 p07 (Default, Pics/Photography, Singapore)

brown capuchin, originally uploaded by See Fei.

this is the first time i visit the zoo after ah meng the orang utan passed away. there seems to be a lot of changes going on at the zoo with new construction and exhibit being put up.

only brought my f*300 prime lens and shoot a lot of monkeys during this trip. somehow, these primates were too fast for my camera. this brown capuchin is one of the few sharp ones that i got.

i will be back.


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Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

October 18, 2008 at 11:15 p10 (Pics/Photography, Singapore)

lucky to get a free ticket from a friend to attend the recently concluded F1 race. some photo to share…

a personal touch from the organiser. the feeling was like those relative of wedding dinner of friend you attend that you barely know. nevertheless a good gesture.

the winner… fernando alonso of renault.

there were a lot of oversea fan and this FERRARI supporter is from India…

long way back for the crew of ferrari with the fuel pipe heavy on their shoulder…

the singapore porsche car, smoking from the engine and last in the race…

the much hyped grid girls getting into position before the bmw pacific rally

with overpriced cap at S$65 and t-shirt at S$150, ferrari shop at the circuit park can employed models to be the saleguy

nah… these guys are not formula 1 winners but from the earlier race bmw pacific. the bmw is a feeder race to the biggies f1.

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Singapore Garden Festival 2008 Part 2/2

August 31, 2008 at 11:15 p08 (Event, Singapore)

This photographs in this posting were taken at the 4th storey of the exhibition. There was flower arrangement competition, lotsa of orchids from different countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc and also winning orchids from previous years.

The flower arrangment competition was still in progress. We didnt know the winner, otherwise would have post here.

 Orchid arrangement…

 Like this unique bunch of orchid. unfortunately didnt note down the name.

 Single bloom, big and imposing…

 UFO like orchid. An eye opener for me…

 A lot of fakey paper orchid is modeled after this one…

So many orchid so little time. For photography buff and flower lovers, this is one show you wont want to miss.

I will be back!!

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The Amazing Vladimir!

May 12, 2008 at 11:15 p05 (Random Observations, Singapore)

You probably had heard or read about the story of an Englishman who went round the world in 80 days. I met one Russian, a Mr Vladimir Yarets who did something similar when i was in Middle Road last weekend. He had spent 8 years trying to go round the world but has yet to complete his journey. He hopes to get listed in the Guinness Book of Record “to encourage disabled people”. I had a good time going through the many wonderful photographs he took of his journey.

What i find more amazing about Vladimir’s feat is he did it despite his physical handicap. Vladimir is a deaf mute. He left Belarus in 2000 and had travelled the world ever since. You can read more about the man here.

I dont know Russian nor sign language otherwise, i will ask him how he got his license and pass custom.

Vladimir showing off his iron horse and the photographs of his adventure

Vladimir was kind enough to pose for pipit!

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Good Deals in Town

December 2, 2007 at 11:15 p12 (Default, General Chatter, Singapore)

With inflation creeping up and prices of stuff going up, especially petrol which had surpassed the S$2 mark for 95 octane grade, some belt tightening measures are inevitable. Never one who take too much notice of advertisement screaming freebies, i have a change of heart recently. I never like freebies because i felt the givers are not really sincere as ALL freebies are inevitable inferior and cheap stuff with big company logo on it.

Recently i noticed there are some deals that are really good and attractive. I have made a short list of the deals worth going for. My grandfather doesn’t own these shops and this is not a paid post if you have not noticed by now, so read on and check out these deal for yourself!

POSB Bank is offering a S$150 Kenneth Watch for opening “save-as-you-earn” account. Catch: minimum monthly deposit of $300 over 6 months. Still on.

OCBC, S$180 timex watch for tranfering $8000 to its OD lines. Still on.

Singtel is offering Niitendo Wii game set with three games to new subscriber to its broadband. Catch: S$65/month subscription with a minimum contract period of 2 years. Deal ends on 2 Dec 07 Sunday.

Buy a home theater system at House Audio at Liang Court and get 60% discount. Catch: to qualify you must pick a number 0-9. if you number come out as the first digit of the Wednesday 4D draw top price, you will get the discount in voucher form. You chance of winning is 10%. Not too bad an odd. Deals end 31 Dec 07.

 If you are already saving $300 or more a month, have an outstanding OD worth more than S$8000, intended to get a game set and/or buying a new home theather, why not check out these deals. Of course, you have to be in little dot to qualify.

Deal or No Deal?

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Massage or Tui Na?

November 23, 2007 at 11:15 p11 (General Chatter, Singapore)

The shopping centre that I always go for my massage was raided by the vice squad two days ago. I didn’t know until I went for a rub this evening. Not that I am counting but I find the concentration of massage parlour in this particular shopping centre is rather high. Except the food court and basement level there seems to  be at least one massage centre at every floor and I am sure some are offering more than massage services.

The massage centres raided was on a higher storey than the one I usually patronize. From my personal experience the girls at the centres are rather aggressive. I remember after one session at my regular place, I went to collect my car at the carpark which is located at the same level of the raided massage centres. As I passed by the centres, the girls from the one of the centres approached me and started to grab my hand. Despite saying “NO” several times, the girl keeping asking me to give her shop a try. Feeling a bit embarrassed I quickly walked towards the multi-storey carpark entrance door. I was “chased” by the massage girl all the way from the front of the massage parlour right to the carpark entrance. She gave up after I slipped through the door….

When I related this story to my masseuse she laughed! She asked me why I didn’t try and give her a competitor report. Her shop and business was not affected by the raid, but thereafter, she receive some funny phone calls. As her shop serves mostly regulars like me & my wife, incoming phone calls are usually for booking. But yesterday she received a mysterious call asking specifically for massage services with emphasis on the phrase “massage services”.

She replied that they only do “TUI NA” and not massage. The caller asked what was the difference between “massage” and “tui na”. She replied, “…massage gives  you pleasure and “tui na” gives you pain.”

“So MR, if pleasure you are seeking, you should call the shop upstair!”

The caller hanged up after that.

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Sengkang New Town

February 26, 2007 at 11:15 p02 (Random Observations, Singapore)

A picture tells a 1,000,000…. words?

I like this picture of Sengkang New Town taken from Hougang side. It is a combo picture of four photographs. You can read so much about Singapore from looking at this pic.

The big picture here is the sky representing the power to be. It  is domineering and ubiquituous. But not such a bad idea, since it is blue and sunshine all year round? For those who want four seasons, too bad! – you only option is to “migrate” to another point of view.

Notice the flat line of the top of the HDB public housing apartment in the horizon? So homogeneous and yes, boring! As 80% of us in this little island live in a HDB apartment, housing option is never exciting here, unless you consider high-rise pigeon hole living, heavenly! With so much pigeon holes in the sky, no wonder this place attract legions of foreign talents pigeons from all over the world!

There is an MRT (mass rapid train) line running in front of the HDB blocks, if you look hard enough. Sengkang is the only town, beside Toa Payoh, that has an integrated bus station with the MRT line. You wont appreciate this until you have to get down from a bus on a rainy day and catch a connecting train by walking 15 minutes to the next MRT station, with a baby in tow or after having a $400 hairdo from Orchard Road. With integrated bus interchange, you take out the walk and the weather.

Notice the construction cranes on the right hand side? This little dot is like a major construction site. Not a day passed that i dont see some kind of construction activities near my home, my girl fren home, my boy fren home, … You get the pic – no matter which town or whose home you live in here, you will never far away from some kind of construction activities *sigh*.

The mass green in the foreground represent the government relentless drive to promote and brand Singapore as a “Garden City” – a playground for the rich and famous. There is no black or white or any other colour bullshit here, only green matter. Green is big here, mister!!

ok, enough said.

 thank you for your time!!

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Not another one!

October 31, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Red & White Matters, Singapore)

Another man was killed by MRT at the Clementi station, reported by Yahoo here. Only about a few weeks ago, one out-of-luck unemployed Tan Jee Suan committed suicide by jumping onto an incoming train. The public donated a cool $500,000 to his widow and son.

God, please dont let this be another copy cat suicide. In a supposedly developed country like little dot, it is indeed tragic and sad to hear a loss of life due to hardship.

Isn’t it eerie the MRT that is used by many suddenly become a suicide tool of choice for the destitute?

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Jalan2 at Vivocity

October 9, 2006 at 11:15 p10 (Jalan jalan, Life and its pleasures, Singapore)

From VivoCity website….

With over 1 million square feet of lettable floor space attracting a diverse mix of over 300 retailers (Takashimaya only has 150 retailers big and small), large event spaces, including an outdoor amphitheatre, a 20,000sf open plaza and a 300m harbour front boardwalk, VivoCityis set to become Singapore’s largest and most diverse retail and lifestyle destination when it opens to the public in October 2006.  Designed by world-renowned architect Toyo Ito, VivoCity will be the centre-piece of Singapore’s newest lifestyle hub at the HarbourFront, which also includes Sentosa, Mt Faber, the Singapore Cruise Centre and the St James Power Station.”… and only 15 min by poot2 car from burung pipit’s nest!

A new record for me…. i spent 7 hours yesterday at this humongous shopping complex touted as the lastest lifestyle destination in lil dot!

My verdict…

  1. i love the linear layout that spans over 3 storeys. easy to find and recce for such a huge building
  2. breathtaking view…  sentosa island and the sea greet you at the rear elevation of the building
  3. good makan choice for a romantic dinner! most of the restaurants are sea facing
  4. wide passageway, good for the ladies as less chance of sexual harrassment…
  5. near to St James Power Station, the lastest & largest minum place in town
  6. light rail (not in operation yet) linking it to Sentosa Island. Can’t imagine how happening when the integrated resort open later
  7. good photography location with the sea, sentosa island and bright lights of Vivocity & St James Power Station

Went there after lunch yesterday and this should list as one of the most satisfying shopping trip i had had with Yang Berhormat. Consider that 50% of the shops are not opened yet, the variety that greeted us was not bad at all.

those few that opened yesterday – wardrobe, ybsi (new chain), espirit, charles & keith, pull and bear…..

YB was happy that she manage to find a few items that she really like and within our budget. The fashion shops are mostly mid range and in the popular brand range. To her delight, NAF2, which was not in lil dot, has an outlet here (unfortunately it was not opened during our visit).

Most of the makan places were not opened yet and Sushi Tei had a 1.5 hours queue. We had our tea and dinner at Food Junction at Harbour Front (nearby building) which is connected to Vivocity at the 2nd storey. 

Personally i like what i saw at “Pull and Bear”. The sub-culture tees from russia will let you see the country like you never see it before… hip & chic. The denim casual pants are both comfy and appealing… both must have for this Xmas.

We would have wrapped up our evening with a show at the 15-hall cineplex if not for the yet-to-be watched rented video at home that we must return by today. Well, that experience got to wait…

Post note:

Vivocity will be fully open on 1 Dec 2006 (according to papers) and it is linked directly to the 2nd link by the Ayer Rajah Expressway. It is at the end of Ayer Rajah Expressway and about half hour drive from 2nd link without traffic jam. MRT link: Harbour Front MRT

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The story of Ah Pek, Handsome & Robin

September 2, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (News & Comments, Singapore)

This is the story of two cats, Ah Pek (not the blogger) and Handsome that lives at the ground floor of my apartment…and the heroic act of cat lover Robin “Hood” Chan and his gang of happy volunteers.

Ah Pek being the older of the two is the grey fella on the right and Handsome, like most youngsters, he likes his hair blonde & highlighted….

                                                                             Ah Pek & Handsome relaxing with some babes from the neighbourhood…

Ah Pek & Handsome are two lovely cuties… They brought much joy to me with their meowing in the morning when i leave for work and in the evening when i finish my day. These two fellas always greet me at the lift lobby even though i have no food to offer them. Patting their fur after a hard day work has this feel “GOOD” feeling that is both therapeutic and relaxing. On many occasions these two fellas hide below my car in the public carpark in the morning. Maybe it is the warm of the engine from the night before that give them comfort from the cold night. It has become a habit to look under the car on mornings when when i dont see them at the lift lobby… just in case.

Ah Pek & Handsome are our community cats. What is community cats, you may ask?

These are cats that roam freely in the neighbourhood but they are not stray. Like Ah Pek & Handsome, their home is the empty space called void deck below our apartment where we live. As 80% of people on this little dot live in public flats that prohibit cat keeping, cat lovers among this majority of the population only option is to keep them at the void deck.

                                                                             As a community cat, Ah Pek’s left ear was clipped too

Community cats can be recognised by their clipped ears. The community cats are usually neutered. I dont know how this come about but i suspect this is a compromise that some cat lovers societies had with the power to be for leaving the community cats alone.

Ah Pek is old and blind in one eye. He was taken away twice by the town council people for mercy killing because of his physical condition. On both occasions, Ah Pek was rescued from the executioner jab by his care taker. However, the recent news of Yio Chu Kang town council of culling ALL the community cats in their neighbourhoods is very unsettling for cat lovers of this little island. This is an act that is both mindless and cruel. There was a petition online to stop this barbaric act and i hope people out there will lend your support to these harmless “voiceless” creatures. Will activate the petition link HERE when i find it.

This is bad news for Ah Pek & Handsome people. What kind of hideous crime that the like of Ah Pek & Handsome had committed that they must be wiped out totally and entirely? Their only “crime” if you can call it one, is that they are mistaken by some goondus for the SARS bearing civets (which are from the RAT family, according to Robin). During the peak of the SARS period, the Ah Peks & Handsomes of these islands were killed at a rate of 200 per day and thanks to Robin group of volunteers, some lucky one were rescued. 150 of them to be exact. You can “adopt” one by dropping by Robin’s blog.

Come and join us at the MEOW (MEOW Encourage Owners Workgroup)….here. If cat patting is not your cup of tea, at least drop by to say ‘hello’ to the like of Cocka, Mother Superior , Leonard and other beautiful people here.

Latest update 2 Sept: According to Robin, the petition is a success and the culling had been called off.

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