KL Street Scenes

July 1, 2008 at 11:15 p07 (Hobby, Travel) ()

Attended an exhibition in Hotel Istana in the big city of KL last week…

Had a first hand experience of KL famous peak hour traffic jam. A first for me. Getting caught in a jam is not too bad for me as i have my Pentax k100D with my tele lens mounted on it. There are many interesting street scene to “shoot” and i was just as trigger happy to comply. I had a lot of fun but could not say the same of my driver friend.

Yawning…. me too if i were to wait for a bus that seemed to take eternity to come.

“Don’t bang me!” seemed like what the guy was telling the Waja driver! This was actually a poster on a bus, shot at a traffic light junction…

KL has a lot of beautiful post-war buildings with Islamic-influenced architectural features. This photo was shot near the dataran merdeka where Malaysia was declared an independant country many years ago…

there are a lot of sky scrappers too. overall, KL gives me the feeling of a city in a hurry to develop, with the interspersing of sky scrappers and low-rise shop houses have seen better times. for a city that is this well developed, i was struck by the lack of mass public transport option like mass transit rail.

There are a lot of huge in-your-face type of advertising boards in this city touting a myriad of products and services. This one is trying to sell a mobile phone service. The model looks a bit like Eason Chan, the singer, from far, isn’t it?

We were stuck for like an hour and a half in the jam. It was already dusk when we reached PJ, the place i put up while in KL.

That’s all for my first experience in a KL jam. Will not be my last as….

I will be back! I dread the day i have to drive ahhh……


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