Caption Creative Contest Result

November 13, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler)

After one week of keen contest and vigourous voting over the weekend, we have a winner for the caption creative contest! He is none other than the humsup (saltish & watery) cocka!


 Burung Pipit thanks all for taking part and let put our hands together for the winner! *clap clap*


All unclaimed prize will be consumed by the organiser or his goon representative!


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Just looking around…

November 10, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler)

Just looking around…,

….to see whether there is any more entry? creative caption contest is closing soon. dear esteemed readers, dont forget to vote! You can leave your choice of the top three caption here!

To recap….

1. Lenglui ME (Kay-eL)

2. Velverse (Kay-eL)

3. Misti (little red dot)

4. Winn (Pee Jay)

5. Cocka (Jay Bee)

6. Helen (Yee Poh)

7. SM Maverick (Kay-el)

8. Nyonya Penang (Oriental

9. Simple American ( Bush Land)

10. Mick (Little Red Dot)

11. Hiao Auntie (Little Red Dot)

12. Sengkor (Kelong Valley)

13. Little Miss May (Pee Jay)

14. Ianfluenza (Down Under)

15. Eric (unknown)

16. Happy Surfer (Kelong Valley)


….to see what’s happen in town as da week is closing. as it has been raining a lot lately, most probably will go for hot pot at peck seah street. anyone for hot pot?


Have a nice weekend!

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Caption Creative

November 5, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Filler, Pics/Photography)

This is one of those eat-full-nothing-to-do posts conjured up over a lazy weekend…

Below are three photographs from the animals kingdom. My esteemed readers are invited to caption the photographs. The best set of captions will win a dessert of your choice from burung pipit.

The contest is open until the end of the week (11 Nov), ie the lastest you can submit your caption in the comment box is the coming Saturday. Judging will be based on popular voting to be carried out after the close of the contest. Only captions visible in the comment box is considered valid entry.

Please pick your choice of “best” caption set on 12 Nov and 13 Nov. Let us know your pick by commenting in the box. Will announce the result of the winner on the 15 Nov.

This contest is not open to all the ex-gf, wife, mother and relatives of burung pipit.

I will start the ball rolling….
Imagine i can hear the language of insects and below are some of the conversation this kay poh (busy body) overheard from some of the participants of the hottest party in the insect world!

Ant in the centre to ant on the right:
How bro! Whose good idea is it to use this short cut? I think we are lost!

Dear, how many time must i tell you not to wear green? Now, how am i going to find you?

No one invite me to the party! Everyone think i am too plain jane…*sob sob*

Closing date: Sat 11 November 2006 1 am

 Monday Count! We have nine contestants with theme from politic, sex, humsup, humour and philosophy. Interesting mix! Keep it up guys! You can submit more than one set of captions.

1. Lenglui ME (Kay-eL)

2. Velverse (Kay-eL)

3. Misti (little red dot)

4. Winn (Pee Jay)

5. Cocka (Jay Bee)

6. Helen (Yee Poh)

7. SM Maverick (Kay-el)

8. Nyonya Penang (Oriental Pearl)

9. Simple American (Bush Land)

Update of contestants so far….

10. Mick (Little Red Dot)

11. Hiao Auntie (Little Red Dot)

12. Sengkor (Kelong Valley)

13. Little Miss May (Pee Jay)

14. Ianfluenza (Down Under)

Organiser comment:

So far, we have participants from America, Australia, Malaysia & Singapore. Anyone from Europe? Mr K, are you reading this? 🙂

 Some party had asked burung pipit whether can KELONG this competition or not. Can but near impossiblity lah cos the judging (this weekend) will be transparent and open.

If you want my advice, here is one! Increase your chances by submitting more than one set of caption. It is free, anyway!

Friday, last day for submission…. there was an entry from a mysterious Eric yesterday…

15. Eric (unknown)

Last day and closing soon….. a very farni and cute entry from Happy Surfer…. check it out guys!

16. Happy Surfer (Kelong Valley)

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Not Vanished Yet

September 19, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Filler)

Hello there! This is not Seefei writing but a Blogkeeper. I have been asked by Master Seefei to put up this “notice” as he is currently out of town and does not have access to the World Wide Web. (Poor thing! Maybe he’s scared that some of you worry for him, so that’s why he asked me to post this up.)

He’ll be back in a few days’ time. Meanwhile, you can all miss him lah, okay?

Yours Truly,

~Seefei’s Blogkeeper~

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Hello world!

June 20, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Filler)

This is my first century post! Like to say a big THANK YOU to all the visitors of this blog for the feedback and comments, especially those words of wisdoms left on my father's day post. I am really overwhelmed by all you guys… the talents, the wits, the fame that some of you enjoy, cheemnez,….and learned a few new words too, like "preparenting". No child also can be parent…very cheemz but i like!!

"Pants Pen off and concentrate more on baby making"…Mother Superior coded divine advice which i will follow! Actually blogging and bb making take a lot of effort. I do nearly all my writings and bb making at night, so they clash. I will let my blogging take a back seat for the moment and will take a week break to catch my breath. Mike & Blur2, this is a 3 horse race now…see who got result by April 2007!

With that decision, i have to say "Sorry" to Lenglui. Your tag got to wait a little while longer. In the meantime, do feel free to browse through some of the entry that i am particularly fond of and like to share it here with you…. 

mission statement

me no blind! 

10 hottest chick in towns

reading between the lines…

I have had a lot of FUN doing this blog and would look forward to come back in July and have MORE!!


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ACJC student vs Ministry of Foreign Affair

May 17, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Filler)

This interesting exchanges on the future challenges faced by Singapore between a 17 years old ACJC student, Gayle Goh and the 2nd Perm Sec of the Ministry of Foreign Affair was carried in the Straight Times today.

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April 30, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Filler)

Thank you Maggieluerva and Mother Superior for alerting me through your sms on the problem with my blog comments function.

I had accidentally turned ON the "moderated comment" function without leaving a return email. Hence, i believe some of the comments left on the earlier entries had been lost.My sincere apology to those who had taken time and effort to comment.

I had since rectified the matter and again, a big "SORRY" to visitors to my blog for the last two weeks.

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