Wordless Wednesday #02- Housemate

April 2, 2008 at 11:15 p04 (Tag)


Meet my cheery housemate, “Ramsey” the ram-fish!

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Wordless Wednesday #01- Playful Cloud

March 26, 2008 at 11:15 p03 (Tag)


A view from my window caught last week

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Colour Tag

November 28, 2006 at 11:15 p11 (Pics/Photography, Tag)

Tagged by lenglui velverse, here is my list of six similar colour but of different theme. I chose the colour of love that i find in my humble den…

hope you will enjoy this post as much as i, in doing it.

laundry… one of the chores that take up a lot of our time at home. the myriad of colour of the hanging shirts represent the different chores that we take pride in doing around our home. we sweat through these chores but we are not complaining…. cos it is a toil of love.

mummy’s world is always grey. she is illiterate and her only connection to the external world is the tv in her room. but her love for me and my late father is never short of colourful. although pushing 90, and ravaged by the wear and tear of time, she never lose her zeal for life. she still think of visiting my brother in hk and has no qualm doing air travel, and assist in bringing up our kid.

this quilt is mummy’s current handiwork. all the years of hard work had not blunt her dexterity with needle work. I had one of these quilts all through my years in univ when i was away from home. It is my only comfort against homesickness in a foreign land.

books are my constant companion through the thick and thin of life. i only keep the diy self-help and management books at home. for others like novel and fiction, will borrow from the national library. library@orchard is my favourite outlet and my only oasis when wife goes shopping at takashimaya.

had been keeping fish since i was young and this tank of tetras, guppies, glass fish and cat fish had been with me for 4 years. this aquarium is my weekend therapy when i do the water changing and rearrangement of the tank waterscape. i also keep some prawns in the tank as my assistant in cleaning up those hard to reach corners 🙂

we huff & puff trying… calling for our son…. cleaning up the house…. creating a condusive environment etc. now all we are waiting for is the emergence of a champion sperm!

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My 6 random facts

September 2, 2006 at 11:15 p09 (Tag)

Il Lago di Tovel, originally uploaded by joepomata.

1. i like photography and was a member of my school photography club. still saving up to buy that digital SLR camera…
2. i like cats and i am going to support Robin tomorrow (SUNDAY) at Singapore Expo Hall 1b.
3. i like to procrastinate and i will finish the other half of the tag by tomorrow 🙂
4. KIV
5. KIV
6. KIV

i am back!                                                                                                                4. i believe in fate… two out of three major predictions so far had come through, namely i would marry in my 40s and earned my living in a foreign land.

5. i am a movie buff, hold a personal best record of 52 movies watched in a year when i was in my teen. here are some of my 2 cents worth on some of the movies i had watched this year…mi3, fd3, xm3. i sincerely think the new James Bond of the yet to be shown “Casino Royale” SUCKS and why Stephen Chow should be the saviour for this old and tired formula.  why?

6. I am a bookworm and currently a member of the National Library and Singapore Institue of Management library. Read about my girl gazing days in Ipoh Tun Razak Librabry here. Spencer Johnson, MD (Who Moved My Chinese?), Anthony Robbins (Power of Goal Setting) and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) are three authors that i drew a lot for my daily and business motivation needs. Want to know about my mission statement? enter here.

Hei! i am not done yet. Here  is the final installment 🙂


Angel liu liu… thank you for tagging me! This tag is good & the benefits are…

1. after doing this tag, i know a little bit more about myself., or rather a renew perspective of myself. eg Helen comment was spot on, i really dont have time for readings nowadays. that’s why stop reading novel and stick to self-enrichment & management which i dont have to read from cover to cover.

2. i get to know more about Pipit’s guests and visitors. eg. nonyapenang is a fellow bookworm, spinnee & serendipity are into photography, velverse is also a movie buff and gonna be my movie buddy when i am in KL etc

3. allow me an opportunity to recycle some previous posts to Pipit’s new guests and visitors. for those who have read them before, please bear with me hor!

My Tag List….

These are all kakis from my “Satay Meehoon” folder. My other folder is the “Rojak Gang” whose members had been tagged left and right and probably still reeling from an overdose of “6 random facts” hahaha… Except Spinnee, whom i had been followiing silently for some times, the rest are the regular receivers of  my 2 cents worth. Guys, over to you! Mickell, Leonard, Mother Superior, Spinnee, Las Montanas

…with this i declare this meme “CLOSE”!!



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Leng Lui x4, wo lai yeh!

July 12, 2006 at 11:15 p07 (Tag)

Here’s Another Meme

I got tagged by Lenglui! Here goes…

1) 4 jobs I would stink at:
 Carpark Auntie: is government spy, I think. They are always in camouflage wearing tudung or a baseball cap with heavy dark sunglasses. They have the important task of increasing the cost of driving in Singapore. I don’t think I will fulfill my monthly quota of summon and most probably issue just enough summon to cover my salary.

Member of Parliament: I am always rakyat (people) before party and probably this will bring the party whip on my head faster than I can say “Lift upgrading for opposition wards in Hougang & Potong Pasir!”. Anyway, I prefer kissing babe to baby.

Blogger who write for STOMP (Straight Times Online Print)…: hei! I think I will go bonker if I had to write to a specific topic (beside meme hehehe) on a regular basis. Heard the money is good!

FATHER …for the simple fact that I am 15 year late (at least) for the job and counting.

2) 4 pretend nicknames I’m making up for myself:
-Burung Pipit, that’s me with my little views
-Darling, a nick all girls called me during my univ days
-Sebastian James, that’s my internet nick

-Seefei,  my blogger nick which is an aggregation of wifey & my name

3) 4 movies I have watched over and over (and did not fall asleep):
There’s not a lot of movies that I would watch over and over again if you don’t count those re-run like Aliens, Rambo etc that the TV stations dish out from times to times

-Autumn Tales (Chow Yun Fatt & Cherrie Chung)

-Pulp fiction (John Travolta in a comeback role)

-Stephen Chow’s comedies like “To China with Love”, Kung Fu Hustler, Shaolin Soccer

-Michael Hui talk show at the HK coliseum

4) 4 things I love to do on weekends:
Call for my unborn child (Short term)
-Play with my child (Middle term)

Play with my grandchildren (Long term)
– Have a cuppa on one hand and the newspaper on the other(always)

5) 4 alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed:
-Bailey’s Irish Cream with coffee. Yum yum! Its like drinking fiery kopi!
-Shirley Temple, like its smoothness
-Chinese Sao Shing Yellow Wine, good with seafood
-But of course nothing beats a nice cold beer…

6) 4 celebrities I would go on a Big Date with:
Angelina Jolie:  Cant imagine how a kick-ass babe like AJ will have a soft spot for babies. THis is one date that die2 must go.

-Lindsay Lohan: for saying “NO” to nudity. I may get lucky & get a private preview of her personal assets.

Mariah Carey: we failed to break the speaker during our karaoke session in
Ipoh. I may have better luck If MC around…

Monica Bellucci: she started in the legal profession before embarking on a career in the field of entertainment. Can’t resist beauty with intellect…monica_bellucci_fishnet.jpg

7) 4 things I could not live without (excluding the essential)::
-My camera
-My mobile phone
-My wallet
-My car

8) 4 of my favourite foods, whom I’d like to bon appetite with:
We need to eat and it is always good to catch up with frens over a good meal. My wishlist….
-Chili crab with Cocka in JB coz he owes me one!
-Prawn mee/Honey tea at Happy Valley Cafe with Helen in Ipoh
-Good old fashion beef steak in Calgary with Fly Boy
-Rojak with lenglui in KL, served by who else but Rojak!

9) 4 places I would rather be now:
There’s so many places I would love to be right now but in no particular order are & I need a time machine to go to some of these places:
-Kuala Lumpur in 5 years time (shopping day-trip when the KL-SG high speed train project is completed. Heard it takes 90 min for a single trip)
-Singapore in 5 years time (when the integrated resorts are in operation)pic143091.jpg
-Paris (bring my wife for a romantic walk around the city)

-Phuket (for some sun & beach)

10) 4 people I am tagging this meme:
-Jurgen Klinsmann, Germany ex-coach as he is in-between job now and may have some time to kill
-all the carpark aunties so they will spend less time issuing summons
Ultraman, my favourite childhood hero!
Leslie, my yuppie ex-classmate from ACS,
Ipoh. He has a unique point of view and I would like to hear from him!

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Zie Zie must try…

June 8, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Tag)

Cocka "Z" tag challenge, here i come!!!

1. Zeppelin…this is not. But if you have the urge to ride some hot air (beside the one from your boss) you can try the hot air balloon ride near to the open field next to the 7th-storey hotel …psst FF, are you listening?

2. ZZZZZZZZ….my state of mind when the actions are happening LIVE in Germany. Niamah, Starhub (the cable co witht he sole right) is charging $15.50 for the privelege to watch the World Cup 2006. Even free also don't want lah…my beauty sleep is more important. Anyway, not that crazy over soccer!

3. Zircons are not only the oldest minerals on earth, they also show another interesting feature. Their oxygen isotopic composition has been interpreted to indicate that more than 4.4 billion years ago there was already water on the surface of the Earth. Who says blogging doesnt increase your general knowledge?

4. ZARA…a fashion store in town where i spent a lot of time in following my wife on her shopping trips. This is the only place where my wife will let me ogle gals, so i would leave her alone and not pester her to leave…

5. ZERO…wish everyone will have more of these in their bank account by end of the year! 4D idea for the weekend…4972! Don't forget my 10% commission if the numbers come out!

6. Zara…a potential applicant to the Malaysia Book of Record (MBR). She will be in the good company of Amber Chia & Datuk Michelle Yeoh. Read about her exploits in Zara's Mama & MBR in Teh-C ! For those with sons, if wont hurt to be friendly by dropping-by Zara's Mama blog. But my guess is, it is aready too late cos ZMM has tons of followers!!

7. Zombie…reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. I missed his BAD's days!

8. Zakat..is the tithe the Muslims pay to the mosque… not to be confused with Zakar, which means penis in malay. So, be careful how you address the Encik Zakaria in tis world!

10. Zhonghua…also Tionghua or Choongwah in dialect…which loosely interpreted as "Chinese in the Centre". This is a hangover phrase from the olden Chinese empire which see China as the centre of the universe…and others as uncultured barbarians. BTW Zhonghua is also a brand of Chinese cigarettes that retail at RMB 50 (SGD $10, RM 23) a pack. It is the Davidoff equivalent in China. Offering Zhonghua ciggies to Chinese is a good ice-breaker…But caution hor! Offering ciggies in Singapore is an offence!

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10 simple pleasures

May 31, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Tag)

I was tagged by Helen and here goes, not in any particular order of merit

1. Catching a movie in town with the family

2. Have a bowl of Ipoh prawn mee with siew yoke….

3. Knowing the fable of "Ugly Duckling" do exist, otherwise this is how my wife will look like…

4. YUM CHAR at Ipoh old town kopitiam, where my yong tau hu noodle and white coffee come with a retro ambience…

5. Seeing my catfish "Harlen" finally realised its dream of becoming a dog…it has even learned a few dog's tricks like fetching bola…

6. Still young at heart and have the ability to be thrilled by rock acts like Avril Lavigne, Eminem….

7. Have a cuppa on one hand and the morning newspapers on the others on a Sunday morning

8. Making new friends on the internet….pls meet my fren, cocka from JayBee

9. Getting the hang of Yoga…finally manage to do the fish pose (above) without feeling giddy and nausea

10. Having a meal with all or most of the family members around

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